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    Scenarious 1:
    Create new user with create patron operation, can’t set z308 correctly. At first, you create 00 record, then 01, then – 02. After operations you notice that even if you post correct operational XML, 00 record lacks information – status and also verification is not that written in op xml.
    Just don’t insert 00, 01, 02 records. Try 00 to add (A) and other – insert (I)
    Scenarious 2:
    Bad encryption in requested results. What is happening? I showed right encoding in xml.
    There is one tool in every post requesting system – you can inform endpoint server that you want to get data in utf8. So – inform at first endpoint server that you want utf8 (whatever commands are) and get correct data.
    Scenarious 3:
    Where are data in bor-info? Can’t see them!
    Unhappily, for example, second level library record (sublibrary) is not visible with x services commands, you can be shure about it only when you create op xml and server response is – succeeded to write/rewrite table.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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