Leganto offers many integration points with other systems, using APIs to pass and receive data across the network.

LTI – Integrating with your LMS.

Enables you to place links in your course content,

which redirect students to the desired reading lists within Leganto.

Primo – Perform searches from within Leganto against your Primo index,

to expand your reading list material content.

Citation Management Tools – Connect to your favorite citation management tool,

to expand your reading list collection.


There are many names and abbreviations for systems that manage courses and which Leganto integrates with.

The common names are:

LMS – Learning Management System

CMS – Course Management System

VLE – Virtual Learning Environment

We will be using LMS as the name representing this system across all of this documentation.

We use the term Course to represent the main entity managed in the LMS (others might know the term: Module)