Mendeley is a personal citation management system. After integrating your Mendeley collection with Leganto, you can drag and drop items from the Mendeley tab in the sidebar to your reading list.
To integrate your Mendeley collection with Leganto, you must  first perform a one time administration procedure to allow your users to authenticate against Mendeley and display their citations.


Register a Mendeley App

1) Go to

2) Login into Mendeley using your credentials, or register as a new user

3) Enter the following 3 parameters in the form

a) Application Name – Any name you wish

b) Description – any description you wish

c) Redirect URL – This is the URL of your Leganto environment with a small addition to it.
Enter the Leganto redirect URL, as follows:
a) Copy the URL from your browser when you are in the Leganto system.
b) Copy the base URL up to the word “leganto”.
c) Add “/postMendeley” to the end of this URL.
d) Enter this into “Redirect URL”.


4) Click “Generate secret” and copy the value generated (you will need this value later on)

5) Click Submit. A new row appears for your newly created app.

Copy the application ID (3934 in the example above)


Register Mendeley in Alma

In Alma, go to Leganto customer settings (see here), , and enter the ID and secret from previous stage:

Login to Mendeley from Leganto

Now that you have completed the above steps, your users will be able to see the following, under their “User Settings” ==> “Citation Managers”:

Click the Login button and enter your credentials

The user can now enter his or her personal credentials and click “Authorize”.

Once authorized, the user will be able to see the “Mendeley” tab when adding citations from Open Collection.

A user can remove his or her credentials by clicking “DELETE MENDELEY KEY”: