Before you start this step ensure you have the Target Link URL for the the Assignment, as described in the previous step: copying from integration profile.

NOTE: If you are planning on using both the Link Selection and Assignments features, you will need to create 2 different integration profiles in Alma. You will then need to create 2 external tools in Moodle one for each Alma integration profile.

In Moodle edit the relevant tool:

Fill in the following:

Redirection URI(s) – paste the assignment link copied from the integration profile

Supports Deep Linking – check the checkbox

Content Selection URL – paste (again) the assignment link copied from the integration profile

IMS LTI … Grade Services – Use this service for grade sync and column management

IMS LTI … Provisioning 

Click “Save changes”.


NOTE: The Leganto assignments in Moodle are actually just regular LTI links.

In order to set up a new Leganto assignment you just create a new LTI link.
To verify the integration works, go to the course content pages and add a new LTI link:
You will notice that the “Select content” button is enabled.
When setting up a new assignment the Instructor should click this button to start the assignment creation in Leganto:
Once the assignment was created you will notice a new URL value in the Tool URL input:
Click “Save and return to course”.
You will now see the new assignment link in the course: