Blackboard Ultra


Before you begin this step, ensure you have three URLs from the Integration Profile in Alma.

This links are generated in the step of creating an integration profile.

Add a new application – Ultra

For Ultra users you should create a new application here:

If you are not registered yet you should register and then login.

Once logged in click the + sign

Fill in the form as seen below

Application name – Any name you choose.

Description – Any description you choose

Domain(s) – Your Leganto domain. For example if this is your launch URL:
you should use:

Group – Select your Blackboard account

LTI 1.3 toggle – turn the toggle on

Login initiation URL – the 2nd link from the integration profile

Tool Redirect URL(s) – the 1st link from the integration profile

Tool JWKS URL – the 3rd link from the integration profile

Signing Algorithm – set to RS256

Custom parameters

lis_course_name=@X@course.course_name@X@ (needed only when using the Automatic Course Creation feature)

For more template variables see here.

Save application.

You will now need to copy 5 values and save them

The application ID

Click “edit” in the 3 dot menu:

Scroll down and copy the following 4:


In Blackboard go to the Admin menu and register a new LTI 1.3 tool

Enter the client ID you just copied above and click Submit

You will see the following:

Copy the Deployment ID and mark tool status as approved.

Send client ID, Deployment ID and 4 URL  values to the relevant librarian  so they can continue to Update the Alma integration profile.

You are done configuring Blackboard.