Before you start this step you should complete the step of copying from integration profile.

You should now have 1 URL to be copied into your LMS.

In Canvas edit your relevant LTI developer key:

If doesn’t already exist, add to the Placements section the “Link selection” placement and edit it as follows:

Target Link URI – Copy the Target Link URI from the LINK SELECTION section in your Alma integration profile

Select Message Type – select LtiDeepLinkingRequest

Text – This text will be the name of the external tool and the title of the window that opens when selecting the item to point to. . For example “Resource List – Link Selection”.
Selection Height – the height of the popup window. We recommend the value 650.

Selection Width – the width of the popup window. We recommend the value 900.

In addition add the Target Link URI link to the Redirect URIs:

Click Save.

When you are in the modules section in Canvas, click the + sign:

The following popup opens:

Note the link selection tool includes a magnifying glass. Clicking this option will open the popup window to choose an item

Select the relevant item and click SELECT. The requested link will be displayed in the URL field as seen below: