Before you start this step you should complete the step of copying from integration profile.

In D2L You will need to set up a “Deep Linking-enabled” tool:

  1. Navigate to the tool deployment page and click View Link.
  2. Click New Link.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
  • Name: The text to be displayed as the label of the button and the popup title window that is opened to select citations.
  • URL: The linkSelection URL copied from the Alma integration profile.
  • Description: An optional description that helps users understand what this tool does.
  • Type: Choose the value: Deep Linking Insert Stuff
  • Width and Height: the height/width of the window to select a link. We recommend the values: height: 650, width: 800.
  • Substitution Parameters: Add the values:
  1. Click Save and Close.

The new link should be exposed the as a content selector in the Insert Stuff Brightspace Editor area.

Click the link in the Editor and examine the new Leganto link selection.

In your tool that already exists add the new link as an additional redirect URL: