Migrating to LTI 1.3 from 1.1


Migration for Canvas will only be supported from the Leganto August release of 2022


The following 3 steps are needed for the migration:

  1. Configuring LTI 1.3
    1. Create a new 1.3 integration profile in Alma
    2. Create a new 1.3 tool in your LMS
  2. Test your new 1.3 integration – at this time your old 1.1 links are working as before
  3. Modify your old 1.1 tool in your LMS – at this time your old 1.1 links will start working as 1.3 links

Two domains

Leganto supports 2 domain names: (both pointing to the same Leganto environment)

  1. CNAME –        for example  https://myinstcode.exlibrisgroup.com
  2. Local name – for example,  https://eu01.exlibrisgroup.com

If possible try using your CNAME for the 1.3 integration.

Is same domain needed?

Some LMSs require the new 1.3 LTI to use the same domain as the old 1.1 LTI.

Canvas, BlackBoard and D2L require the same domain.

Moodle and Sakai do not require same domain.

If your 1.1 is using the local domain, this might also be the time to think of Changing LTI 1.1 to use a CNAME


You might need to contact support in order to create an Alma LTI integration profile using your CNAME.

Try creating one and see if it is using your CNAME. If not contact support to make it happen.

Step #1 – Configuring LTI 1.3

Follow the steps here: Configuring LTI 1.3

Make sure you are using the same domain as your old 1.1 LTI if needed (needed for Canvas, BlackBoard and D2L)

Step #2 – Test your new 1.3 integration

At this point in time you should be able to create a new 1.1 or 1.3 LTI link.

In addition your old 1.1 links are still working and are using the 1.1 configurations.

Step #3 – Modify your old 1.1 tool in your LMS

Read how to modify here