Modify the 1.3 developer key domain

Go to Admin->Developer Keys-> + Developer Key

Edit your existing 1.3 developer key and fill in the domain field under the “Additional Settings”.

This domain must match the 1.1 domain

(if your 1.1 launch URL looks like this:

place the value:

In addition add the 1.1 launch URL to the redirect URLs:

Click Save

Modify the 1.1 app domain

Navigate to your account => Settings => App.

Edit your 1.1 app and modify the launch URL and the domain (if doesn’t exist add it) by adding to them some prefix (xxx- in this case).

Once saved, your old 1.1 LTI links should start using the 1.3 configurations.

If the old 1.1. links are not working, modify back the launch URL and domain (by removing the xxx- seen above) and contact Exlibris support.

If links are working, you can delete the 1.1 app.