Viewing LTI 1.3 parameters

In order to view the LTI 1.3 parameters you will need to use your bowsers DevTools.

Before clicking the LTI link, in your browser click F12. A new window will open.

Go to the “Network” tab and filter the results by searching for your LTI integration profile tools name (in the example below filtering for “canvas”).

Click the LTI link.

If this is a regular LTI link (not the “editor button” for example), you should see 2 relevant calls:

  1. A call to the login URL
  2. A call to the launch URL

Click the launch URL line and new info will display in the right side pane.

Click the “Payload” tab and find the “id_token

Perform the following:

  1. Copy value of the id_token
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the value into the left text box (delete the existing value in the text box prior to pasting the value).

On the right side pane you will see a JSON value with many details in it. These are the LTI parameters

Scroll down to find the custom parameters: