LTI 1.1

How to start?

Integrating Leganto with your LMS is a simple two-phase process:

1) Create an LTI Integration Profile in Alma.

2) Configure your LMS:

– Moodle

– Desire2Learn

– BlackBoard



its Learning


There are many names and abbreviations for systems that manage courses and with which Leganto integrates.

Common names include:

LMS – Learning Management System

CMS – Course Management System

VLE – Virtual Learning Environment

We use LMS in this documentation. We use Course to represent the main entity managed in an LMS (some systems use the term: Module).


LTI is a protocol by which Leganto integrates with your LMS.

LTI allows you to place a link (a special LTI link) in your LMS under a specific course, that redirects students to the required reading list stored in Leganto.

An LTI link looks and behaves exactly as any other normal web link.

We use LTI links instead of regular links, since they provide a level of security that regular links do not.

The LTI link sends Leganto two main parameters (in addition to others):

1) User ID

2) Course code

Using these two parameters, Leganto knows to log the user in and redirect the user to the reading list  associated with the relevant course code.