Admin – one time process


This is a one time step, in which you create a new “External Learning Tool” in Blackboard.
The “External Learning Tool” holds the details of your Leganto account.

Three parameters were generated after you created the LTI Integration Profile in Alma.

You will be asked to supply these parameters when creating the “External Learning Tool”.

Create an LTI Tool Provider

On ‘System Admin’ panel, go to ‘Building Blocks’ in ‘Building Blocks’ section.

Click ‘LTI Tool Providers’.

Register a Provider Domain

Click ‘Register Provider Domain’.


In ‘Provider Domain Status’, enter the Leganto domain (without the https) in the ‘Provider Domain’.

For example:

Take the Leganto domain from the Alma integration profile ‘Launch URL’ parameter.

In the ‘Default Configuration’ section:

(NOTE: When you copy values from the Alma integration profile and place them in Blackboard, make sure to remove unnecessary surrounding spaces.)

Tool Provider Key – The LTI Key from the Alma integration profile

Tool Provider Secret – The LTI secret from the Alma integration profile

Tool Provider Customised Parameters:

In ‘Institution Policies’, select ‘Send user data over any connection’ for ‘Send User Data’.

Click ‘Submit’.

Create A Leganto tool

Go to the LTI Tool Provider list, open the relevant provider options and click on ‘Manage Placements’:



Create Placement

Placement Information

Fill in a Label, a Handle and check the ‘Student Tool’ option:


Tool Provider Information

Fill in the Tool Provider URL, take the value from the ‘Launch URL’ parameter, under the Alma LTI integration profile:

Click Submit

Collapsed Courses

If you are using “Collapsed Courses” where one course is nominated as a parent and the others as children, and in addition you would like that when a child course is clicked, the student arrives to the parent’s course reading list, do the following:

You should add the “context_label” to your integration profile as seen below:

You Are Done

Continue to:

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b) Create a Leganto Link in a Course