Admin – one time process (using Leganto app)

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This step is optional, and if done should be done instead of “Admin – one time process”.

The outcome of this step is exactly the same as of “Admin – one time process”, but might be easier to implement.

Create a new “External App”

Navigate to your account => Settings => App. Search for the word “leganto”.

Select the app named “Exlibris Leganto”, and then select “Add App”

Configure app

Before the app is added, you will need to fill in some parameters

1) Name: A name to expose to whomever creates the future link in the course.

2) Consumer Key – The LTI key from the integration profile.

3) Shared Secret – The LTI secret from the integration profile.

4) Launch URL – the Launch URL from the integration

5) Show in Course Navigation (optional) – display the link in the course navigation panel. When checked, the link appears automatically for all courses.
In this case, there is no need to create an additional link for each course, as described in “Create a Leganto Link in a Course ”

Select “Add App”, to add the configured app.

Course navigation

If you decided to check the course navigation option, the link appears automatically for all courses

The course navigation looks like this (The tool name in this case is “Reading List”):

Course Code Field Name

The course code is passed using the context_label parameter. You will need to add this as a field in Alma’s “Integration Profile”.

Place the value context_label in the ‘Course Code Field Name’ field.

You Are Done

You are now ready to create a Leganto Link in a Course.