Admin – one time process


This is a one-time step, in which you create a new extension in its Learning.

The Application when set with SSO=LTI  holds the details of your Leganto account.

Three parameters were generated after you created the LTI Integration Profile in Alma.

You will be asked to supply these parameters when creating the Application.


Enter developer portal

Go to Developer portal link on the top menu.

Choose your extension type

Choose your desired extension.


In the form opened select SSO = Use LTI 1.1

1) Provider URL– The Launch URL from the integration profile.

2) Application Key – The LTI key from the integration profile.

3) Shared Secret – The LTI secret from the integration profile.

4) Privacy level – set to Public

4) Custom parameters – Add the following customer parameter:


Course Code Field Name

The course code is passed using the context_label parameter. You will need to add this as a field in Alma’s “Integration Profile”.

Place the value context_label in the ‘Course Code Field Name’ field.