Make sure you have completed configuring Alma before proceeding to this step


Configure LTI tool to be available system-wide

In the Administration Workspace, select External Tools:


Click Tools Available in System:



Click Add LTI 1.1 Tool:



Enter the LTI configuration information:


Tool Title – This is what the tool will be called in the system. It is a required item.


Button Text – If users elect to make the LTI tool available in the course Tool Menu,
this is the text that will appear there to identify the tool. It is a required item.


Description – While the description field is available when adding LTI tools individually,
it is especially important here because the description text helps users
understand what the LTI tool is when they see the list of available tools
which can be added to their sites.
It is recommended that you provide some brief descriptive text here to
summarize the use of the tool.


Tool Status –  The tool needs to be Enabled in order to be used in the system.


Tool Visibility – The tool should be Visible if you want instructors to be able to select
it for addition to their courses sites on their own.
(Otherwise, if you prefer for admin users to add it to selected sites only,
you can make it Stealthed.)


Launch URL – Take this from the Alma LTI configuration profile, from field ‘Launch URL’


Launch Key –  Take this from the Alma LTI configuration profile, from field ‘LTI Key’


Launch Secret – Take this from the Alma LTI configuration profile, from field ‘LTI Secret’


Custom Parameters
Copy paste the following:
lms_course_start_date=$CourseSection.timeFrame.begin (Supported from December 2021, for creating courses on the fly)
lms_course_end_date=$CourseSection.timeFrame.end (Supported from December 2021, for creating courses on the fly)
Make sure to check “Allow additional custom parameters” to allow the LTI direct access feature to work.


Send User Names to External Tool – Make sure this checkbox is checked (as seen in the screenshot above)Privacy Settings – Most LTI tools need to be able to access user names and email
addresses in order to work properly.


Services – Depending on the LTI tool, you may also need to enable services such as
roster access or the ability to return grades. The LTI tool provider should specify which
items are needed.

Click Save to save the tool configuration.

You will now see the LTI tool listed as one of the tools available in the system


Now that the LTI tool has been added to the system, instructors will see it listed as a “Plugin Tool” when they go to Site Info > Edit Tools.


Additionally, instructors will see the tool in Lessons when they go to Add Content > Add External Tool.

More info

To read more about setting up LTI in Sakai, from the Sakai documentation: