Course problems

Before you continue, make sure you have the relevant LTI parameters.

Read here how to get the LTI parameters.

You will need for this analysis to find out 2 values:

  1. The course code sent from your LMS to Leganto
  2. The course code in Alma, for the relevant course – In Alma go to the relevant course, and look at the course code field’s value.

Now that you have the 2 values you are ready to continue.

Examine your findings

Option #1 (equal)

LMS course code = XXX

Alma course code = XXX

Both codes found are equal.

In such a case all is good on the course level.

If user doesn’t arrive to the requested list which is associated to this course code, you need to check the list publication. Is the list published?

If the list is published, you should probably open a case for support.

Option #2 (missing value)

LMS course code = empty or doesn’t exist

Alma course code = XXX

Something has went wrong with the configuration of your LMS in telling it to send the course code.

Go back and check you have configured it correctly.

If you are sure you have all configured correctly, you probably need to open a case with your LMS, and report this problem.

Option #3 (wrong value)

LMS course code = YYY

Alma course code = XXX

I found the LMS course parameter, but it doesn’t hold the expected value.

Contact your LMS administrator and consult why that is the case.

Option #4 (not equal)

LMS course code = XXX_Y

Alma course code = XXX

If the codes differ (a bit) but have something in common, you can probably normalize the LMS course value, to make it match the Alma course code.

You can do this in Alma, under the LTI Normalization rules