Failed OAuth Check


The “OAuth check” verifies the LTI call that was done from the LMS to Leganto is a valid call.

When this error occurs it means the verification failed.

What to check?

  1. LTI secret – Check the LTI secret was entered correctly with no leading or trailing spaces
  2. Clock is correct – Check the clock on the machine that is running the LMS (if this is a hosted application like Canvas, no need to check this).
    In some cases if the clock on the machine running the LMS is not correct (showing the wrong time) the LTI call might fail.

Test LMS’s LTI is working correctly

If the above checks passed correctly there might be a problem with the LMS itself.

In order to check this, you should create a new LTI tool in your LMS:

Launch URL:

LTI key: 12345

LTI Secret: secret

(No other parameters or settings need to be added.)

Create a new LTI link using the new LTI tool above.

Click the link and check the response:

Valid response

Invalid response

If the response you got is a valid one, you should open a case with Exlibris support.

If the response you got is an invalid response, you should open a case with your LMS’s support