User problems

Before you continue, make sure you have the relevant LTI parameters.

Read here how to get the LTI parameters.

You will need for this analysis to find out 2 values:

  1. The username sent from your LMS to Leganto
  2. The username in Alma, for the relevant user- In Alma go to the relevant user, and look at the “Primary identifier” or any other identifier configured for this user.

Now that you have the 2 values you are ready to continue.

Possible errors

Error #1 (user not found)

Check that the username passed from the LMS exists in Alma.

If the username differs (a bit) from the username in Alma, but have something in common, you can probably normalize the LMS username, to make it match the Alma username.

You can do this in Alma, under the LTI Normalization rules

Error #2 (user must be an external user)

Only external users can use LTI links. Go to Alma and toggle the user account