Browser’s DevTools

With this method, there is no need to perform any modifications in either the CMS/LMS or Alma.

This explanation below is assuming you are using the Chrome browser (you can do the same with other browsers as well).

  1. Login to your CMS/LMS, and go to the page holding the LTI link
  2. Click F12, a new pane or window will show up. This window is the DevToools window
  3. In the DevTools window – Click the “Network” tab
  4. In the DevTools window – type the word launch into the input text box
  5. In the CMS/LMS – click the LTI link
  6. In the DevTools window – notice a new line added named launch.
    this value with the mouse
  7. Click the Headers tab
  8. Scroll down to the Form Data section – Here you will see all the parameters sent (couples, with the name on the left, and value on the right)