When using a Simple Search to add an item to My Collection or to a reading list, Leganto searches your library catalog in Alma, by default. You can now configure the Simple Search to search either:

  • Alma
  • A pre-selected scope in Primo
  • A user-selected scope in Primo – The user can select the scope from the Search In drop-down list

Primo results come from Primo Central and non repository items.

NOTE: Searches against Primo are performed as a guest user.

Alma Configuration

There are two parameters in Alma to enable this configuration.

  1. Primo View Code (primo_vid) – This is the code of the Primo view that you want to expose in Leganto. Each Primo view is associated with search scopes.These scopes are available in the drop-down list.
  2. (Optional) Primo Default Search Scope (primo_default_search_scope) – If you enter a specific Primo search scope, the drop-down list does not appear. Searches in Leganto are only over the specified scope.

Please see Configuring Leganto in the Alma Online Help for more information.

Primo Configuration

The following is relevant for customers that have access to Primo’s Back Office. For other customers, please contact Alma support to complete this step.

Primo must be configured with IP ranges describing who is allowed to access the APIs. This is done in Primo’s Back Office, under the mapping tables section. Edit the mapping table: WS and XS IP and add the relevant ranges for Alma (ranges in the following picture are only examples).

When you are done,  deploy these changes on the Deploy List page.