General Purpose

This X-Service retrieves a list of ‘My e-Journals’ for a logged-in user and includes information about each e-Journal.


  • login – Called once by the calling application with valid /X user name and password. The session-id retrieved should be passed to all other API calls
  • Authentication (either local or remote)
    • bor_auth – for local authentication of the user and to retrieve a valid borrower’s ID
    • PDS authentication – for remote authentication of the user and to obtain a pds handleor bor_info
  • retrieve_my_ejournals

Input Parameters


1. SESSION_ID – X(50)

2. User ID Options:

  • Option 1
    • SOURCE_ID – X(40)
    • INSTITUTE – X(30)
    • VERIFICATION – X(20)
  • Option 2
    • BOR_ID – X(12)
    • VERIFICATION – X(20)
  • Option 3
    • PDS_HANDLE – X(50)

Explanation of the mandatory and optional parameters:

  • session_id – The session ID is the unique identifier of the login.
  • user id – One of the following:
    • source_id – source_ID of user requesting My e-Journals.
      institute – User’s institution.
      verification – User’s password
    • bor_id – User_ID of the user requesting My e-Journals.
      verification – User’s password
    • pds_handle – User’s unique token returned by the remote authentication system

Input XML Format


<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>

Input URL Syntax

In order to retrieve My e-Journals, the input parameters must be embedded within the appropriate URL syntax:

MetalibPath:port/X?op=retrieve_my_ejournals&bor_id=patron num&verification=***&session_id=session_id

Example URL Syntax



Output XML Format

Information about each e-Journal:

  • Number of e-Journals – A number representing the amount of e-Journals saved for the specified user.
  • e-Journal title – Name of the e-Journal.
  • e-Journal ISSN – The unique ISSN for the e-Journal.
  • e-Journal SFX-ID – The unique SFX identifier number for the e-Journal.
  • e-Journal Full-Text link – A direct link to the e-Journal’s full-text, if available.
  • e-Journal SFX link – A link to the e-Journal’s SFX menu.


<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<x_server_response metalib_version="4.01 (42)">
    <ejournal_title>AACE International transactions</ejournal_title>
    <ejournal_title>AACE journal</ejournal_title>
<session_id new_session="N">L44A7TJESN3YMTDFJ8C4MNF7AYHUJ3V6LF8DBCGSTCCEP56GGH</session_id>

Possible Error Codes

1. If the source_id, is provided as an input parameter without an Institution, the following error message appears in the XML output:

<error_text>INSTITUTE must be given along with the source_id</error_text>

2. If the user-id cannot be found:

<error_text>User does not exist</error_text>

3. If the institution does not exist:

<error_text>Institution does not exist</error_text>

4. If the user id cannot be authorized:

<error_text>User cannot be authenticated locally</error_text>

5. If the password and verification do not match:

<error_text>Your password pincode is not equal to the verification pincode - enter these fields again</error_text>

6. If one of the mandatory parameters is missing:

<error_text>Missing mandatory element from XML request <element_name>.</error_text>