Primo API Docs

__METHOD= GET . __PATH= /primo/v1/configuration/{vid} .

View's Configuration

This service returns view, institution, and general configuration information that is associated with the specified view.

Basic URL example for hosted customers:

Basic URL example for on-premises customers:

Resource URL

GET /primo/v1/configuration/{vid}

API Description

URL Parameters

vidxs:stringThe view id Example: /v1/configuration/Auto1

Querystring Parameters

localexs:stringOptional. Default: ALLThe locale of the configuration that you want to display. You can display configurations for multiple locales by delimiting the locales with a comma.
For example: locale=en_US,fr_FR
To display configurations for all locales, omit this parameter or specify ALL. For example: locale=ALL
instxs:stringOptional.The user's institution, which relevant for cases in which the user's institution is different from the view's institution.

Body Parameters



Possible Error Codes