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__METHOD= POST . __PATH= /primo/v1/favorites .

Create/Delete Favorites

This service is responsible for delete/save item/list of items to his or her favorites list. The response contains list of the record IDs.

Note: Add to Favorites using API is supported for local catalog only.

To identify the user properties, this request should contain a user JWT in its header (see User JWT Rest API).

Basic URL example for hosted customers:
the request payload to add an item/items will look consists of the following fields in the json format {add: {recordId: abcd,context: L,pnx: {$pnx_data}}} to delete items is similar, but it uses the delete keyword in the request.
the response will consist of all items that have been added/deleted succefully in the following format: , in case none have been added a relative response will be delivered

Note: This API is available only to Primo cloud customers since it depends on the User JWT API, which is available only to Primo Cloud customers for security considerations.

Resource URL

POST /primo/v1/favorites

API Description

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Possible Error Codes