Linked Data

The term Linked Data refers to a set of best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web (see more details in our blog). These best practices have been adopted by ExLibris Primo, which implemented a set of RESTful APIs that expose linked data in JSON-LD format. Currently, the Primo PNX REST API is available. In addition all Primo REST API’s use URI’s as embedded links when referring to Primo records.


The DC terms ontology, extended by other ontologies as needed, is being used as a basis for modeling the bibliographic data. See our Primo PNX context for full information.


The links are created as embedded URIs, and are always in the public domain. The following links are available per relevant API:

This list is not exhaustive. In an effort to continually provide new linked-data services based on useful URIs, Ex Libris will enrich additional fields with URIs in accordance with research that the company is conducting.

Using the linked data API

In order to work with the RESTful linked data API’s please make sure to read the Getting Started with Primo REST APIs page.

The response for the Primo PNX REST API full record request is in JSON-LD format.

Following is a sample of the Primo Eshelf REST API response:

Following is a sample of the Primo PNXs REST API response:

Helpful tip: To view JSON LD files in your Chrome browser, check out the JSON Formatter third party plugin.

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