Add Review Request

General Purpose

Adds a review to a specific item.


The WSDL file is located under the following URL:
<your address>:<fe_port>/PrimoWebServices/services/reviews?wsdl

Input Parameters

addReviewRequestRoot element of the XML treeno valueroot element
userIduser idstringsub-element of addReviewRequest
docIdrecord id from the PNX tablestringsub-element of addReviewRequest
valuethe user’s review to be addedstringsub-element of addReviewRequest
ratingrate given by the user to the Item1 to 101sub-element of addReviewRequest
userDisplayNamename to be displayed with the reviewstringsub-element of addReviewRequest
allowUserNamewhether user agrees to display his name next to review“true” or “false”FALSEsub-element of addReviewRequest
statusDefine the status of the review. The valid value is 2.stringsub-element of addReviewRequest

Output Parameters

No output

Input Example

<addReviewRequest xmlns=\
        <docId> demo_voyager968394</docId>

Output Example

<TagsAndReviews xmlns="http://com/exlibris/primo/xsd/tagsAndReview/config">
        <ERROR MESSEGE="Add review successfully" CODE="0"/>