Remove Folder From E-Shelf

General Purpose

The eshelf remove Folder request removes a specific folder from the e-Shelf.
A success or failure acknowledgement is returned.

Input Parameters

The input is a URL string that requests to remove specific folder from user’s e-Shelf. All items from that folder are removed altogether.
The following table describes the valid parameter in the URL input request:

userIdPDS id of the user which the new folder belongs tostringYes
institutionInstitution code.stringNo
folderIdthe Id of the parent folder(if null will be under the root)stringNo
actionRemove folderremoveYes

Output Parameters

The output of this request is an XML response that contains the success or failure acknowledgement for this request. The parameters that are listed in the output parameters section, such as segments, jagroot, result etc. are part of this single XML and are not sent as separate parameters.
The following table describes the valid parameters:

segmentsRoot element of the XML value
jagrootElement to contain one or several sub-elements.
Structure: Sub-element of segments.
no value
resultElement to contain one or several sub-elements.
Structure: Sub-element of jagroot.
no value
errorThis element contains the message attribute that contains a success or failure message.string

Input Example

// using http://primo:170X/PrimoWebServices/xsTestClient.html ‘SEND via DELETE’


Output Example

<SEGMENTS xmlns="">
      <ERROR MESSEGE="Remove Folder from eshelf action completed successfully" CODE="0"/>