LCC Enrichment

Primo comes out of the box with an LCC enrichment plugin implementation.
This plugin populates the PNX field: facets/classificationlcc.

The plugin knows to transform codes to categories.
So for example the code: PZ901 will be translated to:
P – Language and literature.–Fiction and juvenile belles lettres

As seen, the first letter in this value is P.
Some customers may want the more accurate code to be displayed, which is PZ (instead of P).

In order to get the 2 letter code, you should use the attached plugin, instead of the out of the box plugin.

Plugin integration
1) Download the JAR file from here

2) Place the JAR file in your BO machine at:

3) Change the plugins mapping table.
Modify the “LCC Enrichment” row by modifying the class name parameter.
Have the className value be:

4) Restart BO.