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General Purpose

The Producer Web Services allow users to create, retrieve, delete and update Producers, Producer Agents, and contacts without using the Rosetta UI.

Required Role: Negotiator (full).


Available Web Services

For specific details for each web-service (input parameters, returned XML) see the javadoc.

createContactCreates a new contact
createProducerCreates a new Producer record
createProducerAgentCreates a new producer agent and associates it with a producer
getContactRetrieves the details of a Contact user.
getInternalUserIdByExternalIdRetrieves the Rosetta user-id of a user based on its external user ID (LDAP)
getMaterialFlowOfProducerRetrieves the list of material flows associated with a given producer
getProducerAgentRetrieves the details of a producer agent based on user ID
getProducerDetailsRetrieves the details of a producer based on producer ID
getProducersOfProducerAgentRetrieves the list of producers that are associated with a given producer agent (all institutions)
getProducersOfProducerAgentWithInsRetrieves the list of producers that are associated with a given producer agent within a given institution
isUserExistsChecks if the given user-id exists in Rosetta
linkContactToProducerLinks a contact to a producer
linkProducerAgentToProducerLinks a producer agent user to a producer
removeContactDeletes a contact
removeProducerDeletes an existing Producer
removeProducerAgentDeletes an existing Producer Agent
unLinkContactFromProdcuerUnlinks a Producer Agent from a Producer
unLinkProducerAgentFromProdcuerUnlinks a Producer Agent from a Producer
updateContactUpdates an existing contact.
updateProducerUpdates an existing Producer
updateProducerAgentUpdates an existing Producer Agent


To access the WSDL on your server, go to: