General Purpose

Rosetta REST APIs which can be called from any external application. The following REST services are part of an ongoing development to release a full suite of REST APIs, providing parallel services to those currently provided as SOAP services.


Most Web Services require authentication. Rosetta REST APIs support the following authentication method:

  • Basic Authentication: A base64 encoded user, institution code and password, sent as an Authorization HTTP header. Decoded string should be {username}-institutionCode-{institutionCode}:{password}, e.g. vickyholmes-institutionCode-INS00:9uQ29kZS1JT.
Do not include your consortium code (typically ‘CRS00’) in your institution code.
Basic Authentication can also be used for creating direct delivery URLs to objects that require an authenticated user.
Basic Authentication is supported for Rosetta local users only and is the recommended method for authenticating local users.