Collection Related Web Services

General Purpose

The Collection Web Services allow users to manage Collections in Rosetta without using the Rosetta UI.
The APIs allow creating, updating and deleting Collections.

Required Role: Data Manager (full).

Available Web Services – SOAP

For specific details for each web-service (input parameters, returned XML) see the javadoc.

createCollection3.1Creates a collection
deleteCollection3.1Deletes a collection (collection must not contain members).
getCollectionByExternalId3.1Retrieves a collection based on its external ID.
getCollectionById 3.1Retrieves a collection based on its Rosetta Collection ID.
getCollectionByName3.1Retrieves a collection based on its full path.
updateCollection3.1Updates a collection’s fields (any of the following) – Name, parent-ID, descriptive MD, external-ID or Source MD.
getCollectionTree5.1Retrieves a collection and its subcollections, recursively.
setCollectionThumbnail5.1Sets a collection’s thumbnail.
deleteCollectionThumbnail5.1Reverts a collection’s thumbnail to the system default.

To access the WSDL on your server, go to:


Available Web Services – REST

Ex Libris reserves the right to make changes to the API in the future in order to accommodate internal needs.

GET /delivery/services/collectionsReturns a hierarchical list of all published collections
GET /delivery/services/collections?level={LEVEL}Returns a hierarchical list of all published collections to the specified depth level
GET /delivery/services/collections/{collection_id}Returns a collection and any of its published subcollections
GET /delivery/services/collections/{collection_id}?level={LEVEL}Returns a collection and any of its published subcollections up to the specified depth level


  • institution={institution_code,institution_code…}: Filters the collections by the collection owner(s).   Example:,CRS00.INS01