Delivery Web Services

General Purpose

The Delivery Web Services allow users to add external viewers that can be used by the Delivery Rules.
These APIs are used for getting the IE’s and files’ details from Rosetta in order to deliver them to the end user.

Available Web Services

For specific details for each web-service (input parameters, returned XML) see the javadoc.

getExtendedIEByDVS 4.0Returns the IE METS document which is associated with the given dvs. Flags determine which elements to include (see javadoc).
getFilePathByDvs3.0Returns the path to a file which is associated with the given dvs (delivery session id). File path is given by the StoragePlugin#getFullFilePath() so it could be either an NFS path or an HTTP request.
getDnxDocument 3.0Returns the DNX document XML of the entity (IE/REP/FILE) that its PID is associated with the given dvs.
getBaseFileUrl3.0Returns the base file URL for the given dvs. External viewers should append the file PID to the baseFileUrl in order to get the file’s stream from Rosetta.
getCMSRecord3.0Returns the CMS DC XML of the IE.
getMetadata3.0Returns the Metadata XML of the entity (IE/REP/FILE) associated with the given dvs.

Deprecated Methods:

  • getIE
  • getIEByDVS
  • getFullIEByDVS

To access the WSDL on your server, go to: