IE Update Web Services

General Purpose

The IE Update Web Services allow users to retrieve an IE and update its metadata without using the Rosetta UI.
Note: getMD and updateMD only support descriptive metadata (ie-dmd DC and source). As of 5.1 (logical) structmaps are also supported.

Required Role: Data Manager (full) or Editor (full).

Available Web Services

For specific details for each web-service (input parameters, returned XML) see the javadoc.

getIE3.2Returns the METS file of the last version of requested IE, based on its PID.
The METS file will include the latest revisions of all the Representations, including the Derivative Copies.Flags determine which elements to include (see javadoc).
getMD3.2Gets the metadata of an IE , REP or File.
Only metadata on entity level (which is in Permanent) is returned. The ID of the source MD section is the MID (saved in Rosetta DB).
updateMD3.2Updates the metadata of a IE, REP or File according to the given Metadata object.
getDNX5.3Retrieves a DNX metadata record.
updateDNX5.3Updates a DNX metadata record
(read-only fields are ignored; refer to Rosetta AIP Data Model document for details).
updateRepresentation3.2Updates an existing representation according to the given RepresentationContent object.
getRipStatus3.2Returns the current status of the given RIP.
Can be one of the following: Finished, In Process – [stage], In TA – [stage].
generateFixityEvent3.01Sends a fixity event for Rosetta to process. (The Event Handler in Rosetta determines whether the event is a provenance event or only a statistics event.)
createSharedMD5.0Creates a shared metadata record
getSharedMD5.0Returns a shared metadata record (by assigned object’s PID)
getSharedMDByMid5.0Returns a shared metadata record by MID
getSharedMDByType5.0Returns a shared metadata record by metadata type
assignSharedMD5.0Assigns a shared metadata record to an object
unassignSharedMD5.0Unassigns a shared metadata record from an object
updateSharedMD5.0Updates a shared metadata record
deleteSharedMD5.0Deletes a shared metadata record
addRepresentation6.0Adds a representation from a RepresentationContent object
manageIE6.2Lock/unlock, get status of an IE
assignCMS6.2Assigns an existing CMS record to an IE (requires running the CMS Update task to complete)
unassignCMS6.2Unassigns a CMS record from an IE

Deprecated Methods:

  • getIEMD
  • updateIeMD

To access the WSDL on your server, go to: