Deposit Tool (SDK)

Project Types

The Rosetta SDK includes two projects that are ready for deployment in any Eclipse environment.


The dps-sdk-deposit is a java project that can be imported to an eclipse IDE. It includes examples of ‘Rosetta Web Services’ and ‘SDK utils’ which are used by any ‘Submission Application’. includes an example of the six steps to create a full flow ‘Submission Application’.

Main SDK utils (used for creating a Mets to be ingested into Rosetta):

  1. IEParser – A layer above gov.loc.mets.MetsDocument for accessing/creating an IE.
  2. DnxDocument, DnxDocumentHelper – defines a layer above org.dom4j.Document for accessing a DNX document.
  3. DublinCore – An Object that represents the Decriptive MetadataData of Dublin Core.

Main Web Services:

  1. ProducerWebServices – Defines the API for creating/getting/removing/updating Producers, Producer Agents, and contacts.
  2. DepositWebServices  – defines the Web services that enable depositing an item in the system and retrieving information on deposits.
  3. SipWebServices – Web Service for getting information on created SIPs.

The project is available on github and on any Rosetta application server under /exlibris/dps/d4_1/system.dir/dps-sdk-{version}.


See here for list of plugin sample projects.