Deep Links


Enables linking to the SFX CitationLinker form and prepopulating the form with metadata.

A-Z List

The SFX A-Z list is an alphabetical list of electronic journals that can be searched and browsed based on activation and localization performed in the SFX KnowledgeBase. It is possible to deep-link to the SFX A-Z list with two additional parameters.

Web Services


This API enables the sending of an OpenURL 1.0 request to SFX in XML format in order to receive context-sensitive linking information.

The response sent by SFX to the application that initiated the request is a response in XML format that includes the following:

  • The metadata received by the SFX server and stored in the ContextObject
  • SFX services, if they exist

This API offers several response types, it can provide simply the list of available services for one or several objects in one query, it can provide the full data set such as the entire ContextObject in addition to the available services and it can simply send a yes/no response to a service-exist query.

The output of the response type providing  the full data set can be configured via the SFX Admin backoffice.

Rapid Service Indicator (RSI)

The Rapid Service Indicator API (RSI) offers an interface for querying the SFX KnowledgeBase for the availability of specific journals and books. By default, it checks only for full text services.

It features for example

  • Searching by ISSN, OBJECT_ID, ISBN, LCCN, and CODEN.
  • Full support for consortia APIs. It also takes into account institute specific activation and allows the sending of IP information so that SFX can determine the appropriate institute.
  • In addition to a YES/NO response the RSI can also provide a value “MAYBE” if multiple objects are found.

Institutional Holdings Data

The institutional holdings data API allows an external application to check the date and file size of the latest Google Scholar holdings file. This API is used by Primo Central to make sure that the SFX institutional holdings file in Google Export format is only retrieved if a new file is available.

The Google Scholar institutional holdings file is harvested by Google once every week and is used by Google to indicate in the Google Scholar search results when electronic full text is available from the end-user’s institutional library. Additionally, the file is used by Primo Central to retrieve holdings information from SFX.