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The URLs for the Cover Image Resolver use the following syntax formats, and will return the best available image chosen from the image services to which the client, which identified by the given client key, subscribes:<client_key>/<isbn1>_<isbn2>/<size>



  • <client_key> is a valid Serials Solutions client key
  • <isbn1> and <isbn2> - valid ISBNs
  • <issn1> and <issn2> - valid ISSNs
  • <size> - size of image, which is either small, medium or large.

An image URL for a given Summon document in a Search API response can be retrieved from the thumbnail_s, thumbnail_m or thumbnail_l fields. These fields return the small, medium, and large thumbnails, respectively. Not all documents have image URLs.

Example - An image URL for a small thumbnail