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Range Facet Fields Response Field

The rangeFacetFields field will be populated if if any range facet field counts were requested in the query. Each rangeFacetField contains the following fields:

  • fieldName - the name of the field being faceted
  • displayName - the human friendly name of the field being faceted
  • removeCommand - command to remove this range facet field from the list of requested range facet fields
  • counts - list of the rangeFacetCount items for the individual ranges

Each rangeFacetCount contains the following fields:

  • count - the document count
  • isApplied - whether there is a range filter already applied for this range
  • applyCommand - available if not isApplied - the command to apply a range filter for this range
  • removeCommand - available if isApplied - the command to remove the range filter for this range
  • range - the range being counted - contains a minValue and maxValue

The counts field is the only list on rangeFacetField, so there is no nested element for it.

Example - A rangeFacetFields element in XML format


Example - A rangeFacetFields object in JSON format