Errors Response Field

The errors field will be populated if there are any server, client, or end user errors. Each error has the following fields:

  • message – string which describes the error
  • suggestion – optional – a suggestion is made up of three fields: originalText, suggestedText and applySuggestionCommand

Example – An errors element in XML format

   message="Attempting to search within field which does not exist: recidivism">
     originalText="Probability models of recidivism:an exploration"
     suggestedText="Probability models of recidivism\:an exploration"
     applySuggestionCommand="setTextQuery(Probability models of recidivism\\:an exploration)">

Example – An errors object in JSON format

    "message":"Attempting to search within field which does not exist: recidivism",
      "originalText":"Probability models of recidivism:an exploration",
      "suggestedText":"Probability models of recidivism\\:an exploration",
      "applySuggestionCommand":"setTextQuery(Probability models of recidivism\\:an exploration)"