Ulrichsweb API



The Ulrichsweb API provides access to Ulrichsweb™ Global Serials Directory descriptive metadata about serials resources and serials providers. The API is offered through two service options:
•  Ulrichsweb Search API – a simple, HTTP-based service that returns results in either XML or JSON/JSONP
•  Ulrichsweb SRU Search API – searches using the Search/Retrieval via URL (SRU) standard version 1.2 to provide diagnostic XML data that can be formatted as results in Dublin Core format.

Access to the Ulrichsweb API is available via an authentication key that is unique to your institution. A key can be obtained from Ex Libris. Your institution’s unique API key will be stored in your institution’s Ulrichsweb Administration Console in the Client Center.

Specific Ulrichsweb API Terms of Use are available here.