Ulrichsweb SRU Search API


The Ulrichsweb SRU Search API is a service that provides an interface for programmatic searching of the Ulrichsweb™ Global Serials Directory using the Search/Retrieval via URL (SRU) standard version 1.2, and provides diagnostic XML data and format results in the Dublin Core format outlined here.

The Ulrichsweb SRU Search API meets conformance to the SRU base profile. Users of this API should be familiar with SRU, CQL as well as the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set.

The Ulrichsweb SRU Search API can be utilized with five steps:

  1. Obtain the unique Search Key (see Authentication section).
  2. Formulate the URI Syntax.
  3. Submit the URI request to Ulrichsweb.
  4. Handle the Diagnostic XML results.
  5. Handle the Dublin Core XML Response.