URI Syntax

Formulate the URI Syntax

The basic URI structure is as follows:


where <SEARCHAPI_KEY> is your institution’s unique, 10-digit key obtained from Ex Libris, and <SEARCH_QUERY> is either a searchRetrieve request or an explain request.

  • SearchRetrieve Operation
The searchRetrieve operation is based on the standard defined here.
  • Request Parameters
The Ulrichsweb SRU Search API supports the all mandatory parameters as well as the optional startRecord and maximumRecords parameters. Other optional parameters are not currently supported.
  • CQL
Search queries must be formulated using the Contextual Query Language (CQL) specified here. The Ulrichsweb SRU Search API conforms to Level 1 of the CQL Base Profile.
  • Explain Operation
The Ulrichsweb SRU Search API supports the explain operation to meet conformance. The explain operation is specified here.


Example URLs

1. Get first 10 records where title contains “garden” and SearchAPIKey is: WYYIWQF9EF:


2. Get next 10 records:


3. Request an explain operation:

http:// ulrichsweb.serialssolutions.com/sru/WYYIWQF9EF