Ask Verde

General Purpose

A Web service for requesting e-product and acquisition information for a certain e-product.

External systems can work with Ask Verde using a direct HTTP link.

Rules of Operation

Ask Verde retrieves e-products according to the following rules:

  • Ask Verde retrieves only active e-products.
  • If you are working in a consortium and the Verde user has its own search profile, active e-products are retrieved according to the search profile.
  • If you are working in a consortium and there is no search profile assigned to the user, Ask Verde retrieves active e-products according to the default search parameters. The default search parameters are as follows:
    • For the central instance in the consortium: Managed for all
    • For a local instance in the consortium: Searches e-products that the current instance manages for itself as well as those that the central instance manages for the local instance
    • For an instance in a multi-instance, non-shared environment: Searches in the current instance

Input Parameters

Field List
1. j_username – String – Verde staff code
2. j_password – String – Verde staff password
3. admin – boolean (yes/no) – Defines Verde deep link service: Use yes for the Jump to Verde service.
4. ordernumber  – String – Purchase Order number, located in the Verde acquisition record
5. ermid  – String – Verde acquisition number, located in the Verde acquisition record
6. verdeid  – String – Verde e-product code, located in the e-product record
7. sfxid  – String – SFX ID, located in the Verde work record
8. issn  – String – ISSN, located in the Verde work record
9. eissn  – String – EISSN, located in the Verde work record
10. isbn – String – ISBN, located in the Verde work record
11. eisbn – String – eISBN, located in the Verde work record
12. title – String – Title, located in the Verde work record
13. useXSLT  – boolean (true/false) –

  • If false, the returned data is in XML format
  • If true, the returned data is in HTML format after the XML was processed by an inner XSLT

Mandatory/Optional Fields

The first 3 fields are mandatory.

One or more of identifier fields (4-12)  must be set to match to the Verde e-product.

Input URL Syntax



e-Product fields:

  1. e- Product type. Possible values
    1. interface
    2. package
    3. e-constituent
    4. e-standalone
  2. e- Product title. Also titles of “parent” e-products as following:
  3. For e-constituent – e-package and e-interface titles.
  4. For e-package and e-standalone – e-interface title.
  5. e- Product code
  6. Sponsoring library
  7. Organization code of library contact
  8. E-Product coverage

Acquisitions fields:

  1. Acquisition status
  2. Subscription start and end dates
  3. Subscription type
  4. Vendor name
  5. Final price
  6. Price note
  7. Price cap
  8. Price cap period from
  9. Price cap period to
  10. Pricing model
  11. Consortial agreement
  12. Print cancellation restriction

Local acquisition fields:

  1. Cost share
  2. Cost share note

License fields:

  1. Start date
  2. End date
  3. Archiving rights
  4. Licensee
  5. termination right

Workexpression fields:

  1. Title
  2. Bibliographic identifiers (ISSN, e-ISSN, ISBN, e-ISBN)