Jump to Verde Combined

General Purpose

A deep-link service into the Verde KB Manager.

This service is used as a channel to open a new Verde session in a Web browser, using a direct HTTP link. The new Verde session is opened containing search results, according to the parameters defined in the URL request.

Rules of Operation

The URL request may include the following search parameters:
1. e-ISSN
3. Title
If no results are found according to the first parameter (e-ISSN), the system continues search according to second parameter (ISSN). If there are no results, the search is performed according to the third parameter (title).

Jump to Verde Combined retrieves e-products according to the following rules:

  • If you are working with a single Verde instance, Jump to Verde Combined activates a Find local search.
  • If you are working in a Verde consortium:
    • If the Verde user has its own search profile, e-products are retrieved according to the search profile.
    • If there is no search profile assigned to the user, Jump to Verde Combined retrieves e-products according to the default search parameters. The default search parameters are as follows:
      • For the central instance in the consortium: Managed for all
      • For a local instance in the consortium: Searches e-products that the current instance manages for itself as well as those that the central instance manages for the local instance
      • For an instance in a multi-instance, non-shared environment: Searches in the current instance

Input Parameters

Field List
1. username – String – Verde staff code
2. password – String – Verde staff password
3. issn – String – ISSN, located in the Verde work record
4. eissn – String – EISSN, located in the Verde work record
5. title – String – Title, located in the Verde work record

Mandatory / optional fields
There are no mandatory fields.

Input URL Syntax