Patron Circulation Actions

General Purpose

This resource may be accessed with the GET method to retrieve patron circulation actions such as loans or requests from the patron home server.

Product Version Compatibility

Voyager 7.2.0 and later.

Input Parameters

patron IDpath parameterVoyager patron system ID. The system ID can be retrieved from the Voyager circulation staff client interface or returned from the AuthenticatePatronService Web service with patron barcode and last name.stringNoneYes
patron_homedbquery parameterVoyager patron home DB key.stringNoneYes

Input URL Syntax

The following is an example of a URL to retrieve the patron circulation actions from the patron home server:

Output XML Format

The following an output example of the patron circulation actions from the patron home server:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <institution id="GWCC">
          <action type="loans" href="">
          <action type="Debt" href="">
            <finesum>USD 1.00</finesum>
        <institution id="LOCAL">
          <action type="loans" href="">
          <action type="Debt" href="">
            <finesum>USD 217.00</finesum>
        <institution id="RSCC">
          <action type="requests" href="">
          <total type="Loans">3</total>
          <total type="Fines">USD 218.00</total>
          <total type="Demerits">1.00</total>
          <total type="Requests">1</total>

Possible Error Codes

2: The patron ID is not found
51: patron_homedb is a required parameter