XML over HTTP Web Services


Voyager provides a standard set of services structured around the Voyager core services. The services are in an XML over HTTP format and can also be used by applications that want to interact with Voyager with background services. The XML over HTTP services provide search and result set services as well as circulation activities. They are implemented in the Tomcat version of WebVoyage. You can use these services to “roll your own OPAC”, essentially replacing the ExLibris provided VWEBV front-end.

The services are provided through the VXWS service, and all interactions must go through the VXWS port.

Alphabetical List of Services

AuthenticatePatronAuthenticate a patron
BibLoggingLog the use of bibliographic records that have been emailed or saved
BibsForHeadingDisplays the bib records that are in a heading
BinaryMARCRecordServiceRetrieve bib MARC records in binary format
BookbagServiceGet. clear, or add to a patron’s bookbag
CancelCancel requests for a patron
ChangePINServiceChange a patron’s PIN
CourseReservePropertiesServiceUse the course reserve search to locate items placed on reserve in Dropdown list page format
DB Info ServiceDisplays information about the current Voyager database
GetConfigurationGet system configuration information
GetHoldingsServiceRetrieve holdings and item information for a given bibliographic record id or itemId
GetUBSitesServiceRetrieve information about a local or all databases
MediaDeliveryLocServiceRetrieves a list of available in-room equipment for a given delivery location
MediaItemServiceRetrieves a booking info, pick up locations, and a list of available in-room equipment for a given item
MediaValidateEquipmentServiceValidates a proposed media equipment booking
MediaValidateItemServiceValidates a proposed media item booking
MyAccountServiceRetrieve information about a patron’s library account
Patron Export ServiceExport a group of patron records to an XML file that is suitable for re-loading into the database with the patron update job and web service
Patron Import ServiceAdd, update, or (for some data) delete existing patron personal information such as Name, Address, and the like
PatronRequestReturn a request definition for a given request code
PatronRequestsReturn a list of available requests for a given patron
PersonalInfoServiceRetrieve information about a patron
RelatedBibCountServiceRetrieve the number of related bibs for a given bibliographic record id and set of profile codes
RenewRenew an item for a patron
ReserveBrowseServiceUse the course reserve search to locate items placed on reserve in browse format
SavedQueriesServiceRetrieve, add, update or delete a patron’s saved queries
SearchConnectionServiceManages connections to the databases that will be searched by the SearchService
SearchPreferencesServiceRetrieve, clear, or set a patron’s search preferences
SearchPropertiesServiceRetrieve the search properties
SearchResultsServiceDisplays the results of the most recent search
SearchServiceDisplays the results of the search
SearchStatusServiceStores a snapshot of the status of the current search
SendPatronRequestSubmits a patron request
SessionCleanupServiceClean up upon the closing of the VWEBV session that includes only the removal of the VacsClient object created and inserted into the VXWS session
ShortLoanDatesServiceReturn a list of available short loan start and end times
StopSearchServiceStops the current simul-search operation
UBHoldingsLibServiceRetrieves a list of available copies, pick up libraries and pick up locations for a given bibliographic record at a given UB holdings library
UBPickupLibServiceRetrieves a list of available pick up locations for a given pick up library at a given UB holdings library