Authenticate Patron

General Purpose

Authenticate a Patron in Voyager


Voyager 7.x and higher

Input URL Syntax

This service expects to receive an XML document via POST method.



Click here to view the PatronAuthenticationSchema
Click here to view the ServiceParametersSchema
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Input XML Example

This service expects to receive a ServiceParametersType document containing a patronIdentifier and the following parameters:

  • authFactor type – required parameter indicates the factor used for patron authentication. Valid values are: B(Barcode), I(Institution Id), or S(Social Security Number).
  • briefLogon – optional parameter. Set to Y to indicate an authentication attempt with “brief” data. Defaults to N.
  • pin – an optional parameter carrying the patron’s pin value.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ser:serviceParameters xmlns:ser="">
      <ser:parameter key="pin">
      <ser:patronIdentifier lastName="patel">
      <ser:authFactor type="B">150</ser:authFactor>

Output XML Example

The service returns a VoyagerServiceDataDocument containing a patronAuthentication element which contains data about the authenticated patron. If the authentication failed, then the VoyagerServiceDataDocument contains a messages element with an appropriate error message.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<voyagerServiceData xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <serviceData xsi:type="pat:patronAuthenticationType" xmlns:pat="">
    <pat:patronIdentifier patronId="562" lastName="Patel" patronHomeUbId="1@QA20012DB20020613131313">
      <pat:authFactor type="B">150</pat:authFactor>
    <pat:fullName>Mr. Mahesh D. Patel</pat:fullName>