General Purpose

Retrieves a list of available in-room equipment for a given delivery location.


Voyager 7.x and higher.

Input URL Syntax

This service expects to receive an XML document via POST method.


Input XML Example

This service expects to receive a ServiceParametersDocument containing a patronIdentifier and the following required parameter:

  • deliverLocId – the id of the delivery location.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ser:serviceParameters xmlns:ser="">
    <ser:parameter key="deliverLocId">
      <ser:value>373|College-Media Scheduling - 3434 - MF Carrel test</ser:value>
  <ser:patronIdentifier lastName="Patel" patronHomeUbId="1@QA20012DB20020613131313" patronId="185">
    <ser:authFactor type="B">2620</ser:authFactor>

Output XML Example

This service will return a VoyagerServiceDataDocument containing a requestDefinition element containing an availableEquipment element containing an inRoom element containing an equipment element which in turn contains a list of equipment items in that delivery location.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<voyagerServiceData xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <serviceData xsi:type="req:requestsCollectionType" xmlns:req="">
            <req:copy id="1891">TV VCR Combination :TV VCR 08 6008 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1892">TV VCR Combination :TV VCR 09555 6009 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1894">TV VCR Combination :TV VCR 11 6011 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1908">VCR (VHS format) :VCR 41 2041 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1914">TV :TV 47 1047 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1921">VCR (VHS format) :VCR 43 2043 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1922">VCR (VHS format) :VCR 44 2044 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1928">VCR (VHS format) :VCR 50 2050 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1933">CD Player :CD 02 4002 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1957">VCR (VHS format) :VCR 42 0420 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="1959">TV-VCR AV Cart :TV VCR Cart 42 60042 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="2109">TV-VCR AV Cart :TV-VCR Cart 50 32322 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="2114">TV-VCR AV Cart :T1 T1 Not Charged</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="2115">TV-VCR AV Cart :T1 T1 Not Charged</req:copy>