General Purpose

Retrieves a booking info, pick up locations, and a list of available in-room equipment for a given item.


Voyager 7.x and higher.

Input URL Syntax

This service expects to receive an XML document via POST method.


Input XML Example

This service expects to receive a ServiceParametersDocument containing a patronIdentifier and the following required parameter:

  • itemId – the id of the item.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ser:serviceParameters xmlns:ser="">
    <ser:parameter key="itemId">
  <ser:patronIdentifier lastName="Patel" patronHomeUbId="1@QA20012DB20020613131313" patronId="185">
    <ser:authFactor type="B">2620</ser:authFactor>

Output XML Example

This service will return a VoyagerServiceDataDocument containing a requestDefinition element which in turn contains a bookingInfo element, a pickUpLocations element and an availableEquipment element. See the VoyagerRequestsSchema for more details on the contents of those elements.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<voyagerServiceData xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <serviceData xsi:type="req:requestsCollectionType" xmlns:req="">
      <req:bookingInfo interval="Hour" maxLength="3"/>
        <req:location id="4|Media Department" isDefault="Y">Media Department</req:location>
            <req:copy id="151|AV Cart">AV Cart</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="156|TV VCR Combination">TV VCR Combination</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="153|DVD Player">DVD Player</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="155|TV-DVD AV Cart">TV-DVD AV Cart</req:copy>
            <req:copy id="149|TV">TV</req:copy>