General Purpose

Validates a proposed media equipment booking.


Voyager 7.x and higher.

Input URL Syntax

This service expects to receive an XML document via POST method.


Input XML Example

This service expects to receive a ServiceParametersDocument containing a patronIdentifier and the following required parameters:

  • startTime – the booking start time.
  • endTime – the booking end time.
  • equipTypes – one or more equipment type ids.
  • mediaPickOrDel – the the media pickup or delivery code.
    If mediaPickOrDel == 2 for deliver, then the following parameter is also required:
  • deliverLocId – the delivery location id.
    If mediaPickOrDel == 3 for pickup, then the following parameter is also required:
  • PICK – the pickup location id.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ser:serviceParameters xmlns:ser="">
<ser:parameter key="mediaPickOrDel">
<ser:parameter key="startTime">
<ser:value>2008-12-16 15:00:00</ser:value>
<ser:parameter key="endTime">
<ser:value>2008-12-17 15:00:00</ser:value>
<ser:parameter key="PICK">
<ser:value>4\|Media Department</ser:value>
<ser:patronIdentifier lastName="Patel" patronHomeUbId="1@QA20012DB20020613131313" patronId="185">
<ser:authFactor type="B">2620</ser:authFactor>

Output XML Example

This service will return a VoyagerServiceDataDocument containing a messages element which contains either a success or failure message indicating if the equipment may be booked at the given time.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<voyagerServiceData xmlns="">
<message type="success"/>